Full Share $575  (Large paper bag Or 25lbs)

Half Share $400  (Half of full share quantity)                        

Scenic Nursery hereby certifies and authenticates that produce grown is derived from plants started from certified, disease free seed.  They are nurtured in our own facilities under strict and constant care, providing optimal growth using natural nutrients and soil mixes.

They are grown utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods in order to provide the best, healthiest stock to grow on in our heavily fortified, organic soils at our farm on the Lamprey River in Raymond, NH.  They are produced by providing extensive attention to their individual needs by supplying natural nutrients and using good cultural practices to create the best fruit possible in nature in our temperate zone.

Our methods produce a crop of such superior quality as to provide as much as 2-10 times the vitamins and nutrients, and enzymes compared to conventionally grown produce.  Organic or natural gardening methods have been proven to produce more nutritional foods.  Our methods and procedures are the sustainability in order to develop the healthiest soils so as to create a living biological ecosystem, full of beneficial microbes in the plant to earth matrix.

We avoid using any synthetic products, pesticides, and herbicides as much as possible, however, occasionally there is a need to save a crop or prevent total loss.  We will, however, use the IPM method of control; we use as many natural products and methods as possible to achieve the cleanest and healthiest results.