Landscaping not only makes your yard the best room of your house, it actually increases the value of your home. Recent studies have confirmed that a properly planned and appropriate landscape can return 100-200% on your investment upon the sale of your home. Why not do it right, with a little help from Scenic Nursery?

We believe every home landscape should have a master plan. While you may not be ready to implement the entire plan right away, having the plan will prevent future transplanting or removal of plant material or other elements of the landscape, thus saving money in the long run. See our Landscape Design Options.


It is estimated that a home of any price will, over time, receive an average of 10-20% of the home’s value in eventual landscaping. This includes elements such as built in barbecues, patios, walkways, water features, walls, pools, etc., and of course trees, shrubs and perennials. Even if you don’t expect to stay at your present home, by having a professional master plan in place by prioritizing and constructing the elements most homeowners will eventually have, will ensure a return on your investment of between 100 and 200% (and many times, more) of the initial outlay.

With this in mind, it only makes sense to create at least a general master plan for developing the site. This process will prevent the tear down, destruction or transplanting (if possible) of previously installed, unplanned landscaping elements. Rather than spend the money in redo’s and replacements due to this event, why not spend a small percentage of the total scope of the final landscape on proper planning? Whenever possible, proper planning should be involved from as early in development as choosing the site for a specific home. Even the planning of the home’s architecture to the site, as well as the owners’ individual needs must be considered to meld them so as to create a cohesive package. Focusing on planning this early in the construction process allows for thought on such important layouts as the proper facing of the home in relation to the street and the proper layout of vehicular and pedestrian access (which is probably one of the most important elements to the comfort, attractiveness and visual appeal) to allow thought of scale and proportion to the use of the site. And finally the extension of the home’s architecture to the site will create a more cohesive composition that will appeal to everyone, because it is proper and appropriate. By the way, the last thing decided in a master plan is the planting detail!

How are all these details compiled to create a vision of excellence? This should be left to someone with much education and experience to determine what works best. Release this burden on us. Scenic Nursery’s exclusive design/build division can help create the vision for your home and garden. We don’t design the plan, we facilitate it with all the information that is compiled. Somewhere in all that chaos is a beautifully landscaped home of your dreams.

A beautifully installed walkway is the welcome mat to your home. A sturdy, dependable, inviting walkway requires lots of preparation. Most homeowners are unprepared to install a walkway that will last for years to come. Let us help – our professional installers will give you the walkway of your dreams, in a wide array of materials and designs. We’ve designed and installed hundreds of walkways. Let us help you with yours.