Master planning and Installations

Stage 1: Initial client meeting

This is typically a 15-30 minute in-person consultation with the owner reviewing property photographs, goals and vision for desired outcome.  This appointment can be on premise with the customer for a fee, or free during the “Ask the Doctor” hours.

Stage 2:  General design plan

Requires a deposit of $500, and the client will receive a graph design of an area of the yard to be design.  Examples: a front foundation, outbuilding complete design, front garden area, one large island or 2 smaller areas. This is not a full property design.

This stage requires the client to provide pictures and rough measurements of the existing site area.

It includes a list of plants that appeal to the client.

Note: The $500 deposit includes a $350 gift certificate for plants to use anytime and does not expire. 

Stage 3:  Nursery services / Installation

Planting cost, under normal situations, the charge is 2/3rds the cost of the plant , example is if the tree is $100 then the planting cost is $67 not including preparations of the site or access issues, nor does it include delivery or equipment needed. Each job has its own circumstances for charges.

Stage 4: Full master plan

This stage produces a full detailed landscape design drawing on architectural paper or computer-generated to scale.

This typically ranges from about $1800 and up, and depends on scope of the project.

Delivery, Equipment and Labor**


$35 minimum (within 10 miles of the Nursery), plus $5 / every 5 miles outside of the 10 miles radius.

This includes ONE driver. If 2 persons are required, the cost is double.

If it requires equipment such as tractor then it’s a minimum $100 also depending on distance for the Nursery.


A tractor and driver for delivery is a minimum $100 and $70 / hour thereafter.

Equipment is billable upon departure from the Nursery, and includes return travel time.


Additional labor is $42 / person / hour — no power equipment included.

Additional labor including power equipment (e.g. trimmers, mowers, weed whackers, etc.) is $55 / person / hour.

** Most of the preparation and services are included in a package quote and not per hour unless stipulated by contract.

Guarantee and Warranty

A guarantee is included in the planting fees.  The warranty is one year at 100% for all installs by our professionals. If the client plants the products, then the Warranty is for 50% of the total paid for one year from the date of purchase!

There are some Specific plants that are EXCLUDED from this chart specifically any plants with zone 6 or higher hardiness or plants that are specifically mentioned not to have a warranty.  Examples include: all butterfly bushes, all Hydrangea of the Macrophylla species, all tender perennials, ALL ANNUALS.

ALL  WARRANTIES ARE AT THE DISCRETION OF SCENIC NURSERY.  Some exceptions do apply.  For instance, if we feel there has been problems with the product from our experience.

NO Warranty exists for ANY drought stressed or abused or neglected plantings!