• Perennials ready for planting
    Perennials ready for planting
  • Scenic Nursery in all its fall glory
    Scenic Nursery in all its fall glory
  • Trees and more trees to fit any purpose
    Trees and more trees to fit any purpose
  • full sun shrubs add color and beauty to your landscape
    Full-sun shrubs – bring color and beauty to your landscape



Annuals make your yard come alive. Their constant blooms turn the darkest corner into a rainbow of excitement. We pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of colorful annuals – from tried and true varieties like impatiens and supertunias, to new and exciting varieties of coleus, or gold-edged spiral grass! Visit our potting shed to create your own mixed containers and window boxes. Bring in your own containers, or purchase one of ours. Our staff will help you put just the right combination together, without the fuss and mess at home.


Perennials ready for planting

Spend the afternoon strolling through our perennial areas, and feel your troubles melt away! Our perennial selection will provide texture, color, and longevity to your gardens. From shady hostas to sunny coneflowers, we have everything you need to make your yard colorful and lush. Add some perennial grasses to your beds for all season interest (even in winter!) or fast growing phlox or vinca for that tough to mow slope. Perennials can solve all kinds of gardening challenges. Let us show you how!


full sun shrubs add color and beauty to your landscape

Shrubs are the backbone of the landscape. They provide color, texture, and multi-season interest to any landscape. We have the widest variety of evergreen and deciduous shrubs around, with over 40 varieties of lilacs alone! Has a neighbor recently cut down all their trees, giving you an unsightly view of their yard? Put up a natural screen of lush evergreens. It’s easy, with a little help from Scenic Nursery!


Trees and more trees to fit any purpose

Maples, Crabapples, Ash, Honeylocust, Blackgum, Dogwood, Ginkgo – you name it, you’ll find it at Scenic Nursery! With our state of the art pot-in-pot growing system, our trees are easy to handle and ready at any time of year to go to their new home – your yard! We carry all sizes to fit every budget and every situation, from ½” caliper to 4″ caliper. Always wanted to pick fruit from your own trees? We can help with that, too. We carry a full line of semi-dwarf fruit trees – apples, pears, plums, peaches, apricots, cherries – enough for your very own orchard! Trees provide color, shade, texture and more, as well as the all important cohesion and structure to the landscape. Stop by and stroll through our tree fields – we guarantee you’ll find what you need.