CSA – Introduction

Scenic grown produce – meat and egg products, are grown as naturally and organic as possible (rarely a remedial need for the use of other synthetic amendments is required, however.)
The healthiest, most vigorous, naturally nutrient enriched foods come from using a bio-ecology with the processes and elements of creating a living ecosystem that promotes symbiotic arrangements between the crop——–
A living soil full of microbes that break down the supplied organic matter into available nutrients and creating an environment to growing the best crops, God made it that way to be sustainable. Man interrupted this naturally occurring law and the results are a sick world from ignoring his laws as well as his laws of health. At Scenic, we try to obey the Creator as much as possible and work with him. Any other way is futile. Please feel free to visit us online or come to the farm for a tour of our facilities to see our methods and procedures for producing the healthiest food possible.

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