Scenic Nursery hereby certifies and authenticates that these eggs are produced from a variety of breeds of chickens, such as Americaunas, Buf Orfington that have been living in a comfortable, partially heated, free range facility. They’re supplemented with a diet of fresh garden greens and assortment of vegetables and herbs, consisting of broccoli, chard, kale, and other species of garden greens and refuse (which is part of their natural diet.) These garden foods and herbs are all grown as naturally as possible to prevent ant chemicals or synthetic substances from accumulating in their system. They are grown and cared for in as natural an environment as possible, to develop them to be as healthy and satisfied throughout their natural lives so as to produce the tastiest and most nutritious eggs that can be produced. They have from 2 to 7 times the different vitamins and amino acids and omega 3’s as standard eggs not grown this way. They also have much less of the bad cholesterol and saturated fat and toxins as well. We guarantee this and your satisfaction to 100%. Consider visiting our facility any time by calling 603 765-6817 and speaking to Glenn Caron, our manager and grower, to set up an appointment. We welcome tours.

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