Poultry CSA

Chicken CSA
Our chickens and turkeys for meat are raised the same way our egg producing are raised. (See egg CSA details.) They are very happy and have all their needs available and in abundance. They are also free ranged, however they must be corralled and not allowed to wander off fenced areas because they need to put on body weight to produce the meatiest birds. They would burn off all their food stores by roaming, rather than accumulating it.
There are 2 fresh chicken production cycles, one in July (first deposit due in by 4/1/14 of $18.00) and one in September (second deposit by 7/1/14 of $18.00.) Birds average 5-7 pounds. You pay by the pound at $3.50 per pound (average $20.00.) We must boast as these are the best tasting chickens you have ever had, for any cooking purpose, low fat, and nice, juicy meat on huge breasts.
Our turkeys are produced for 2 slaughter periods per year. One for Thanksgiving (deposit $40.00 by 7/1/14 for both periods) and one for Christmas. Average weight is 13-18 pounds, and 13-25 pounds respectively. We will try to provide for your size request, but cannot guarantee the results, however, you will only pay per pound anyway at $3.50 per pound, average 20 pounds at $70.00.
*Note: we do carry our birds in our own freezers most of the year, so if you need on other than the one you bought fresh, you can call us anytime to pick up a frozen bird, at the same price as fresh. You will not be disappointed, and we guarantee that 100%.
By the way, freezing breaks down the meat cells, and helps to create a bit more tender dish. Survey of experts have shown no difference in quality between fresh and frozen.

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